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Revision rhinoplasty, or secondary rhinoplasty, is precisely what it sounds like a surgical procedure performed on patients who have previously undergone a rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a nose job) procedure but are not satisfied with the results. It’s worth noting that this type of surgery is typically more complex than the initial rhinoplasty and requires a highly skilled surgeon with extensive experience in nasal surgery. Given this, Dr. Thompson is your best bet in the Denver area to achieve the results you have long desired. 

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Who is a Good Candidate for Revision Rhinoplasty?

As mentioned, the ideal candidate for revision rhinoplasty is someone who has already undergone a primary rhinoplasty but is dissatisfied with the results. Having realistic expectations and understanding that revision rhinoplasty is not a miracle cure is essential.

Patients who have experienced trauma to the nose, such as a sports injury or car accident, may also be good candidates for revision rhinoplasty.

Finally, patients who have had the most success with the procedure are typically in good overall health and do not have any underlying medical conditions that could interfere with the healing process. Patients who smoke or use nicotine products are not good candidates for revision rhinoplasty, as smoking can increase the risk of complications and delay the healing process.

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Getting an Initial Consultation 

Since several treatment options are available for revision rhinoplasty, including open and closed approaches, the choice of technique will depend on your specific needs. During your initial consultation at Dr. Thompson’s office, he will assess your case and recommend the most appropriate action. During the consultation, he will evaluate your medical history, examine the nose, and discuss your goals and expectations for the surgery. Dr. Thompson will also go over the risks and benefits of the procedure, as well as the recovery process. It is essential to understand that revision rhinoplasty is a complex surgery and that the recovery period can often be longer than that of primary rhinoplasty. If you decide to proceed with the surgery, Dr. Thompson will create a personalized treatment plan addressing your specific concerns and goals. 

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The Day of Your Procedure

During a revision rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Thompson will make incisions either inside the nostrils or outside the nose, depending on the extent of the correction needed. He will then carefully reshape the nose to achieve the desired results. This may involve removing excess tissue, adding tissue, or simply reshaping the existing tissue. Above all, he will also ensure that the nose matches the rest of your facial features.

Recovery and Results

After undergoing revision rhinoplasty, the recovery period can vary depending on the extent of the procedure. Typically, patients can expect to experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the first few days after surgery.

It is essential for patients to follow post-operative instructions carefully to ensure a smooth recovery. This may include taking prescribed pain medication, using ice packs to reduce swelling, and avoiding strenuous activities for several weeks.

In addition, patients may need to wear a splint or cast on their noses for some time to help support the healing process. Depending on the individual's healing progress, this may be removed after a week or two.

While most patients can return to work and other normal activities within a few weeks, it is essential to note that the entire healing process can take several months. During this time, patients should avoid activities that could damage the nose or hinder the healing process.

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Why Choose Us?

As a facial plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face, Dr. Will Thompson takes a particular interest in performing surgeries that improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose and help correct any potential breathing issues. Revision rhinoplasty offers him a chance to help patients who have been disappointed before and help them achieve the results they have long desired. 

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