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Injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions, work accidents, domestic abuse, or other types of facial trauma can significantly damage the head and neck's soft tissues and bony skeleton. Victims may be left with functional deficits and facial deformities that result in significant psychological stress. If this sounds like you, you are a great candidate for facial reconstructive surgery. Additionally, many seek out this procedure to heal their face and appearance after the effects of a disease or to change a feature from birth. It's also been utilized to remove face contour issues or create a more balanced facial structure. Dr. Thompson takes great pleasure in helping his patients heal and has experience treating numerous soft tissue and facial fracture injuries, including those of the scalp, ear, eyelid, nose, lips, jaw, cheek, orbit, and forehead.

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Is Facial Reconstruction Surgery Right for Me?

Good candidates for facial reconstruction surgery include individuals who have experienced facial trauma, congenital deformities, or surgery for a medical condition like cancer. In the case of a traumatic injury, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery results are typically time-sensitive. Therefore, contacting our office at (303) 667-1474 is vital to schedule a consultation immediately after an injury.

The Day of Your Procedure

Typically, most facial reconstruction surgeries take between four and twelve hours. For more involved procedures, general anesthesia may be administered. Soft tissue injuries are addressed using stitches. Facial nerves and salivary glands and ducts may also be treated using microsurgery techniques, while facial bone fracture issues can also be addressed to repair facial form and function.

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Your Initial Consultation

Dr. Thompson recommends a private patient consultation at his Denver, CO, practice to determine if a patient is a good candidate for surgical intervention. The consultation will include a detailed history and physical and complete facial analysis to determine the best procedure. All questions relating to the patient’s concerns and goals will be addressed.

Recovery and Results

Facial reconstruction surgery is a significant procedure; recovery will be a delicate journey. Patients can expect the swelling to decrease in five to seven days and then 10-14 days for the bruising to fade. Stitches are typically removed a week after surgery. Rest and avoiding strenuous activity are encouraged. Dr. Thompson will outline a specific plan for your recovery, emphasizing giving yourself the proper time to heal.

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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Thompson is board-certified by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and is widely considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the Denver area. Sensitivity and compassion guide his approach to all his procedures, and you can be sure your needs will be addressed with a focus on helping you get the most natural and organic results.

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