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At Thompson Facial Plastic Surgery, we provide custom facial treatments in Denver to refresh your skin and help you stay luminous, youthful, and radiant. Our facials combine medical grade skincare and with advanced treatments to give you a wonderfully fresh glow.

Am I a candidate for facial treatments?

Facial treatments can benefit almost everyone! Most of us struggle with common skin imperfections, such as lines and wrinkles, sun damage, clogged pores, and entrenched dirt, oil, and debris. Our world-class facials are designed to combat these issues, restoring a radiant, youthful complexion free from blemishes. Since some of our treatments involve a specialized approach (LED light therapy or dermaplaning, for instance), your candidacy will be assessed during your private consultation. In general, facial treatments are an excellent choice for anyone who is unhappy with a dull, uneven complexion.

What is the recovery time for facial treatments?

Recovery time after a facial usually depends on its intensity. However, most facials require 24 hours of downtime at most. It is essential that you avoid direct sunlight after a facial, as harmful UV rays can compromise your results. It’s also important to stay well-hydrated. Avoid touching or picking at your face, and postpone wearing cosmetics for the first 24 hours.

After a dermaplaning facial, you will want to abstain from using retinol or glycolic acid for up to 7 days, as these compounds can lead to dryness and irritation. Our team will provide a personalized aftercare plan based on the treatment that you choose.

How many facial treatments will I need?

The number of facial treatments needed depends on the severity of your skin concerns. Even if your skin problems are average, however, it is good self-care to undergo a facial every 4-6 weeks. This keeps your complexion in pristine condition and helps to ward off blemishes before they occur. If you are struggling with acne or acne scarring, our team may advise a series of facials scheduled more frequently. We will conduct a thorough skin analysis during your private consultation and design a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

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Signature Facial

60 Min | $150

This advanced brightening and tightening facial gives skin back its youthful glow. Highly effective, it immediately lifts dullness and diminishes the look of dark spots while plumping the skin with a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid infusion. Skin looks firm, refined, and brilliantly luminous. Perfect for all skin types.

Features Treats Benefits
+ Deep Cleaning + Clogged Pores + Detoxifies Skin

+ Pore Extraction

+ Signs of Aging + Improved Texture
+ Neck, Shoulder, Arm Massage + Discoloration + Brightening    

Dermaplaning Facial

80 Min | $205

Make our signature facial even more effective. Includes all of the Signature Facial treatments with the addition of professional dermaplaning for maximum product absorption and the smoothest finish possible. Skin will look firm, refined, brilliantly luminous and baby soft. Perfect for all skin types.

Features Treats Benefits
+ Dermaplaning + Fine Lines & Wrinkles + Healthy Glow
+ Signature Facial + Dullness + Smoothing
+ Unwanted Facial Hair + Pore Minimizing

Oxygen Facial | Ski Facial

80 Min | $205

Take your glow to the next level with our Oxygen Facial. Beginning with our Signature Facial we add a stream of high-pressured oxygen to infuse vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin c, and hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. It immediately plumps and diminishes pores making it a celebrity favorite before events.

Features Treats Benefits
+ Oxygen Therapy + Fine Lines & Wrinkles + Detoxifies Skin
+ Signature Facial + Clogged Pores + Pore Minimizing
+ Sun Damage + Plumping

Bio-Light PDT Treatment

80 Min | $205

Experience a truly custom treatment with our LED Light Therapy facial. We start with our Signature facial and add unique LED combinations to address your personal skin concerns. LED light can treat hard to clear acne or sun spots, or target sagging, fine lines and stimulate collagen production.

Features Treats Benefits
+ LED Light Therapy  + Hyperpigmentation + Brightening
+ Signature Facial + Acne & Scarring + Improved Texture
+ Sagging Skin + Even Skin Tone

Luminous Facial

80 Min | $245

The luminous facial uses the power of the Jet Peel and LED light therapy to create a customized treatment for maximum brightness, clarity, and glassy glow. Your skin therapist will customize both treatments to address your skin’s specific needs in order to achieve a radiantly crystal clear, brilliant finish.

Features Treats Benefits
+ Jet Peel + Skin Texture + Healthy Glow
+ LED Light Therapy + Sun Damage + Improved Elasticity
+ Signature Facial + Signs of Aging + Even Skin tone  

Ultimate Facial

80 Min | $285

When you’re looking for the ultimate facial treatments in Denver, this deluxe facial will deliver true skin transformation. Our Signature facial is boosted to new heights with the addition of Dermaplaning, Jet Peel, and LED Light therapies. Each therapy is customized to address your skin’s unique concerns at the highest level, elevating your results for maximum smoothness, fullness, and brilliance.

Features Treats Benefits
+ Dermaplaning + Dullness + Even Skin tone
+ Jet Peel + Sun Damage + Improved Texture
+ LED Light Therapy  + Signs of Aging + Healthier Skin
+ Signature Facial + Acne / Scarring

What to expect at your initial consultation

Every treatment plan at Thompson Facial Plastics is based on a comprehensive consultation involving a thorough review of your medical history along with a physical evaluation. During this initial meeting, we will listen to your concerns and present options for resolving your skincare issues. We will walk you through the pros and cons of each of our popular facials and discuss downtime and results. Dr. Thompson and his team believe that a well-informed, empowered individual has the best chance at a successful aesthetic outcome. Call today to get started!

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