A double chin can result from excess body fat, facial muscle weakness, or aging.

Having a double chin can make a person uncomfortable and self-conscious. It is usually caused by stubborn submental fat (fat under the chin) due to excess weight or by skin laxity due to normal aging. In some cases, it can be due to sun damage, nerve injury, genetics, or facial structure, and neither exercise nor a healthy diet will make it go away.

The most effective ways to remove this stubborn fat and improve the appearance of a double chin, or “turkey neck,” are by having a neck lift surgery, mini facelift, or liposuction.

However, some people don’t want surgery, and others might not be good candidates for these surgical procedures. In these situations, there are other cosmetic treatments to consider. A qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon will be well-versed in the options and be able to discuss them with you.

This article will discuss non-surgical double chin reduction options and how each works.

Some People Have More Treatment Options

As mentioned above, a double chin can result from excess body fat, facial muscle weakness, or aging. As you age, your skin is likely to sag, which can cause double folds of skin to form around the neck.

This is especially noticeable from a profile view and it can make a person less self-confident. While there are a few ways to remove the fat or restore a more attractive appearance, the proper procedure depends on the patient, how they accumulate fat, their skin, and their deeper tissue elasticity.

Younger people with firmer skin have several treatment options available to them, as less invasive procedures might be all they need to get rid of a double chin. On the other hand, older people have fewer non-invasive options. If the fat is removed, but the neck still has sagging skin, then it won’t appear improved. Solving this problem by removing excess fat under the chin without surgery may prove more difficult in this case.

Smokers also have fewer options. Heavy smoking causes the skin to sag, so smokers may require a surgical procedure to remove the fat and enhance their appearance.

6 Double Chin Removal Non-Surgical Methods

Below are some double chin reduction methods that don’t require surgery. Some rid the body of fat underneath the chin while others just help it to appear that way.

Weight Loss And Exercise

If your double chin was caused by sudden weight loss and you are very reluctant about having any cosmetic treatments, you can try chin exercises. Some chin exercises can strengthen the muscles in the neck area close to the jaw. Chin balls have gained popularity, as well as doing straight jaw juts, the baby bird pose, and several other exercises. An exercise routine requires patience and consistency, and may only work for mild cases.

A double chin that resulted from weight gain might respond well to weight loss. Losing weight with a proper diet and exercise can reshape the face and neck. It will take time, but can be an effective treatment.

Remove Fat With Kybella Injections

Kybella injections are an excellent non-surgical option for treating a double chin. Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable deoxycholic acid treatment, similar to the one the body uses to break down dietary fat. Deoxycholic acid is injected into the submental fat to break down the unwanted fat cells in the treatment area.

Results from Kybella can often be seen four to six weeks following treatment. Some people require just two sessions spaced over a few weeks. For others, it may take multiple sessions across months to achieve the desired results. Patients can see the initial results in four to six weeks and it takes about three months for the full outcome.

Kybella does not require anesthesia, however, it causes a slight stinging. Dr. Thompson offers a topical or local anesthetic for patients who prefer it while getting their Kybella injections. A session consists of several small injections administered for about thirty minutes.

Kybella results are permanent; the removed fat cells cannot grow back. This makes Kybella one of the best non-surgical double chin removal options. However, if you gain weight, then you risk fat being deposited into the remaining fat cells near the treated area.

Face And Neck MicroChanneling

Having regular PCA skin treatments is a great way to minimize the effects of aging on your face and body. Face and neck micro channeling can improve the appearance of the chin and neck, giving them both a more lifted appearance.

Micro channeling improves skin texture and elasticity through processes called neocollagenesis and neovascularization. It involves puncturing the skin’s epidermis with fine needles to create micro-injuries, triggering the body to heal the wounds. To do this, the body creates more collagen and elastin and carries it to that area through the blood vessels.

The recovery time for this non-surgical neck procedure is swift, and it causes no trauma to the skin. You can see the results in less than 10 hours post-procedure.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers or facial fillers are typically used to create volume around the cheeks, jawline, chin, and eyes. A filler is an injectable treatment that is an indirect approach to minimizing the appearance of chin fat. A filler can rejuvenate the face and neck, making it more proportionate and reducing the look of aging.

Sometimes, people may have a double chin because of their facial structure. In this case, a receding or weak chin – a chin that slopes back toward the neck – creates a cosmetic issue. When dermal fillers are used to define the jawline and shape the chin, it can make the neck appear leaner and lifted, thereby reducing the appearance of the double chin.

Dermal fillers require ongoing treatment for maintaining the results. The results typically last six to twelve months.

Other possible treatment options your doctor may consider are:

Cool Sculpting (Cryolipolysis)

Unlike dermal fillers that only change the appearance of neck fat, this method uses a precision applicator to freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells under the chin. The destroyed fat cells are then removed from the body through the body’s natural metabolic process.


This treatment uses laser energy to break fat cells apart and can be used in small, targeted areas, such as underneath the chin. Patients find that laser lipolysis gives them smoother, tighter skin in the areas treated.

Kybella Treatment vs. Liposuction to Reduce Double Chin

Liposuction is the traditional standard of removing stubborn fat from a double chin. While the patient is under local anesthesia, the doctor makes a small incision into a skin crease under the chin. Then a suction device is used to remove the excess fat. The opening is sutured and if needed, the treated fat cells can be inserted into another area. Dr. Thompson typically takes out sutures within a week after surgery, and patients can return to everyday life.

The Liposuction procedure is a surgical procedure, done in a single visit whereas Kybella treatment is non-surgical and will usually require two or more sessions. Both procedures will rid the unwanted submental fat cells but sometimes people are more suited to having one over the other.

Schedule a Double Chin Removal Consultation in Denver Today

Consult with a qualified doctor who can discuss your double chin removal options and make a plan for an effective treatment. At Thompson Facial Plastics, our experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Will Thompson offers his patients the very best care. Please call (303) 622-3288 to book a private consultation with him today or request a consultation here.


Here are some frequently asked questions about removing double chins.

Are there non-surgical options for removing fat cells?

There are options for people who are reluctant to undergo cosmetic surgery but want to get rid of submental fat. Two commonly used non-surgical treatments include Kybella and Cool Sculpting. Dermal fillers may change the appearance of fat, but they do not rid the body of fat.

How many Kybella treatments do I need to get rid of unwanted fat?

The number of Kybella injections to reduce a double chin depends on the patient. Most patients need a minimum of two sessions, while others need up to six sessions over many months. Patients can see some results in four to six weeks and it takes about three months for the full results.

Can I combine a double chin removal with other procedures?

A double chin removal procedure can be combined with other treatments. Your doctor may consider multiple treatments for maximum effect. For example, you can combine Kybella treatment with dermal fillers to further enhance your new neckline.

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